Nice Roo Chick, Will he get mean?


6 Years
Apr 10, 2013
Frankfort, IN
I'm new to chickens, and my husban insisted on a Rooster. He thinks we have to have him to get eggs, I didn't correct him because I wanted a rooster so we could potentially hatch our own chicks one day. My DM keeps telling me I'll have to keep him seperate or he'll hurt my hens once he grows up. The thing is, he's a pretty sweet chick right now. He's going on a month and a half old, and he's not really mean or aggressive. He will occasionally flap his wings, or dole out a peck, but usually he's content to sit in my lap and be fed treats (or chick starter) from my hand. Do they normally act this way, and then turn mean?


6 Years
Feb 2, 2013
Leesville, Louisiana
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My Coop
He's not going to be mean just because he is a cockerel. He may very well stay a good tempered bird. My old silkie roo is a sweetie pie. Sometimes roosters do get nasty....and many times those birds end up as gumbo. As far as him hurting the hens, well there wouldn't be a whole lot of chickens out there if hens and roosters had to be kept apart. The biggest problems come from too many roos with too few hens. One roo with a few ladies should be fine.

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