Nice tempered Crèvecoeur rooster - 1 1/2 yr old

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    Hi, I'm selling one Crèvecoeur rooster, from Sandhill Preservation Center stock. He has a very friendly temperament for a Crèvecoeur; he has never so much as challenged me, and gets along with the other roosters in a very civilized way, even inviting them over when he finds something tasty on the ground.

    Nice shaped, typey V comb; nice glossy green-black feathers; good full crest and tail; and he has the little "rhino horn" at the base of his beak which this breed is supposed to have. Very nice temperament, and fairly good weight (many Crevs nowadays are far too light weight).

    He has developed a hint of pale gold on some of his hackle feathers.

    So he's not a perfect specimen of the breed, but he's a good solid breeder to use in your own breeding program. I should note that the Crèvecoeur breed needs rescuing and that perfect specimens are few and far between. The "most perfect looking" ones I've seen are tragically underweight... and a lot of the roosters are fairly mean.

    This guy has a really good personality and I'd like to find him a nice home.

    He would be a keeper, he's one of the largest I have, but I'm simply out of room right now. I would like to sell him with a pullet, but do not have any to spare. However, the winner of this auction has the option of receiving two unrelated, high quality 3-month old Crevecoeur pullets in the spring, for $5 + shipping, in order to give you a breeding trio.

    All photos were taken on Dec. 10...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    A note about Crèvecoeurs:
    These are an ancient crested, bearded breed from France, adapted for free range farming. Hens lay white eggs. They are a hardy, alert bird with excellent flying skills, but should be confined to a chicken coop at night so a predator doesn't get them. The breed is quite rare these days, even in France.

    For the price of gas I can hand-deliver him to anywhere within a 2 or 3-hour radius... that would be about $15 delivered to Lafayette, Indiana. I'm in NW Indiana about halfway between Indianapolis and Chicago. For folks further away, I'm happy to ship him, it will have to be by Express Mail, so please PM me with your zip code for shipping costs. I checked, and for most parts of the country (even Florida, Massachusetts and California), $62 will cover everything including the special shipping box. If you're located much closer and want to ship - for example if you're in Chicago, Indianapolis or Cincinnati - the cost may be significantly less.

    Payment can be postal money order, personal check, or PayPal (please add 3% to cover PayPal fees). Buyer is responsible for any additional importation fees or certificates required by their state of residence.

    I've put this auction up at BidBird Auctions and Featherauction as well, so please check there to be sure you aren't outbid. In case of a tie, the earlier bid is the winner. I wanted to make it easy for BYC members to bid even if they haven't signed up with or, and vice versa. All the sites are free, no strings attached, and are easy to use, so if you need to bid against someone on another site, it will be easy to do so. Never fear, there is only one of him for sale [​IMG] and you will only need to pay once [​IMG]

    Thanks for looking!
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