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    I have never bred chickens before, but I have an EE that I just love. She is the sweetest thing. It got me thinking, breed aside, (because I know that EEs are pretty sweet birds) do hens/roosters pass along their personality traits? Such as a really sweet hen/rooster could have chicks with the same sweet disposition, or a really mean hen/rooster will have some mean nasty little chicks? I realize that there are some breeds that are just more friendly than others, but is it possible to breed "niceness" ( or mean-ness) into chicks, regardless of breed? Just curious.
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    I am by no means a genetic expert, but temperament is hereditary. So therefore, I would think it would be possible.
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    IMO personality traits are a combination of genetics and environment. If you raise all of your birds the same and most of them have nice personalities and there are random exceptions that are super mean, they would not be bred here (unless absolutely essential to another goal). I do select breeders based on personality, because I know in my experience with the breed (and the environmental conditions) that they should not be aggressive. There are exceptions, as breeds do have differing temperaments. But this is how I look at it with what I am working with.
  4. Hi! I agree, a combination of genes and environment. I've still never raised or had a mean rooster.
    I kept some of my brothers American Game birds. He couldn't hatch their eggs there, so I 'babysat' some and I couldn't go in the pen when they were here without dropping a laundry basket on the cock (I was a stranger to him and I never made an attempt to bond with him or the girls). They weren't my birds (or my kind of birds) and they knew it.
    All MY birds are nice as pie.

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