Nicest thing people have said or done for you.

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    Along a few veins that have been posted lately.... I am thinking of a recent experience. I live is a city that is butted up against another city that is butted up again another and so on and so on. Our city allows any animal from goldfish to cattle, while the others around us do not. There are no visible borders, land between cities, etc.

    The other day Ken was outside getting the mail, and a gal pulled up in her car and introduced herself as one of our neighbors (we just moved here in June). She said the her son (elementary age) walks by our house every morning to the bus stop, and stand at our gate cooing and talking to the horses. She wanted to know if it would ok if her son came by and fed them carrots. ♥♥♥♥

    These days in cities this size, people just help themselves and never give a thought to asking. Kudos to the kid for checking with mom, and kudos to mom for taking the time to stop and ask.

    I can't wait to meet the boy!!!
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    I think one of the nicest things someone has done for me recently was my GodDaughter, Clinesha. Ne has been my baby from before she was born. When I talked to her, she would do backflips in the womb. She crawled for me first. She took her first steps for me. She said her first words for me. She got me in trouble with Child Protective Services by telling her First Grade teacher when she came to my house she couldn't eat unless she worked. Imagine explaining to DSS that you are trying to instill worth ethic and she just had to pick up "gumballs" from the sweetgum tree, another time it was buckeye nuts. Or when she told Meemaw that "worm poop makes the flowers grow" She couldn't say fertilizer.

    My baby girl surprised me. We had been talking on the phone and she told me that she was going to come see me real soon. Little did I know that she meant that night!! I didn't know it was prom night and that Nee and her cousin, Mercedes (known her since she was a baby too) were going to the prom. You can just imagine the looking on my face when she tolg me to look out the door. They had pulled up in the driveway.

    [​IMG] Who is that beautiful young woman and where is my baby??!!! Lurchie cried. His baby wasn't a baby any more no matter how he tried to ignore the fact she was growing up! Nee is the one on the left


    There are still good kids out there. She took the time out of her special day to make mine special too!!

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