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Mar 8, 2018
Hi! I'm a current college student majoring in Agricultural Communications. After graduation, I want to build a bit of a "side hustle" with poultry. In the past, I've had a small backyard flock of laying hens that I really enjoyed. I've also raised broilers on a smallish scale and enjoyed that as well. Do any of you grow birds for a special market? Why did you choose that? Also, does anyone here market their products to restaurants or grocery stores? Thanks in advance! :)


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Apr 9, 2016
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Hi, welcome to BYC! :frow

There are rules and guidelines for selling to businesses that vary according to your location. So best to know those. Also, you might put your general location on your profile so people don't have to ask when they are trying to help you get the best information possible. :)

There is FAR more $ to be made in hatching than selling eggs, in my experience. Plus it's a LOT of fun! One thing I learned though... is very few people care about rare breeds, and LOTS of people like popular breeds. I sell Silkies faster than I can hatch them. Of course I could add more parent stock, but this is a hobby for me. My French Black and Blue Copper Marans also sell well. Those 2 breeds, I sell for $8-9 per chick depending on how many are purchased. I expect to sell a few other breeds for less. And I have sold (by request) cross breeds for $2 each, all straight run.

When it comes to eating eggs, I simply can't come close to market price, since I don't have huge grain storage facilities and such, in addition to preferring dual purpose birds instead of prolific layer types. Of course people will easily pay $4-5 for free range, non organic eggs. And I see organic selling for sometimes $7 per dozen. But even if I get a poor hatch (which isn't usual), I still make $3.50... per EGG. $7.50 per egg if I have a good hatch!

I just chose the birds I like... because I do this for me. Tried the eating egg thing and it simply isn't worth my time or energy.

Congratulation on your nearing graduation! :highfive:
Good luck on your fantastic adventure! :wee

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