Nigerian Dwarf doe kids, Arkansas


12 Years
Sep 4, 2007
The boys are sold now it's time to focus on the girls! I "think" I've deside who's staying, all are disbudded, vaccinated, wormed, etc., and if I can find the tattoo ink I'll be tattooing today! One of these girls may already be sold, will update when I know for sure.

First up is Stacy born 2/17, buckskin w/ blue eyes she is on a bottle and can go now! Or a deposit will hold her til she's weaned. Her registration is currently pending (AGS and NDGA), $200

This is not yet named (if she has a buyer before a name, they buyer can name her), I've really been back and forth on this one, so hopefully she'll sell quickly before I change my mind. Brown eyed, covered in silver moonspots. Born 3/15, on a bottle and available after two weeks, or a deposit will hold her til she's weaned. Comes with a registration application (AGS) unless I send it off in the meantime. $150 (her parents are Lone Star and Pie)

And the twins, born 3/18. Dam raised, will be avaliable at 10-12 weeks old. One is a chocolate buckskin w/ blue eyes, the other is red/gold and white w/ blue eyes. Will come w/ AGS and NDGA papers or applications. Will get better pics and update then!


For Pedigree info and pics of parents you can check out my website.
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