Nigerian Goat People! Linebreeding Question


Brook Valley Farm
12 Years
Mar 1, 2007
I have a few Nigerian does. I have borrowed an awesome little buck to breed with, and I'm really excited as he's a great match for the 2 girls I want to breed him to, and he's just totally gorgeous! The problem is is that one of those 2 does is related to him. His grand-sire is my doe's sire.
He's still a good match for her and I'm not worried about the breeding itself (I actually think in this case this little bit of linebreeding could be a good thing) but the breeder I borrowed the buck from told me that AGS may have changed their rules on linebreeding--does anyone know if I'm going to have a problem registering the resulting kids?


12 Years
Jul 9, 2007
Blue Mound, Kansas
Line breeding can bring out the good traits and then again it can bring out the bad traits you havent seen before... I change bucks and you can breed father to daughter and mother to son but not bro to sis...that can get heartbreaking sometimes. It sounds like maybe they are far enough apart it shouldnt matter. If AGS gives you problems go with AGDA its more dairy. That would make it his Aunt and it should be ok.
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