Night bully hen!! Help.


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Jun 2, 2017
I have 3 one year old hens just recently noticed 2 want to sleep on roof of coop when i went out to close the coop. I put them in coop and stayed around to see whats up and the one hen was pecking others as they fought for certain spot on roosting bar. In the winter I noticed the bully slept spot furthest from opening and now she wants right by opening but other that had that spot still wants that spot. I took boards out so they can all see out and be airy but that didn't help. Not sure if shoud get bigger roosting area, current one is almost 3 feet long. Bully is new hampshire red other two are americanas. Almost to point i may need to get rid of her. Thanks for information
No nightlight. Heres some pics. Not sure if can add more bar inside but mabe Could add some outside and just close some of that in. Really need different setup if i plan on keeping them longer.


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Bullying will stop when dark. My bullying was solved by turning off nightlight at lockup.
Of course bullying will happen as long as hen can see. I have a lower roost and a upper roost in my coop. 20170509_092752.jpg GC

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