Night Eyes, do they work?


12 Years
Jan 11, 2011
I'm getting ready to put my chickens and ducks into their coop. I want to make it as secure as possible, in one of my magazines it advertised "Night Eyes" solar powered red lights that click on when something approaches. My husband I and dug the trench around the bottom of the coop and put the wire at least a foot deep I've collected as many rocks as I could find and put them in there as well. I don't know what I would do if some critter got in there and made dinner out of girls! I would be devestated! Any tips or tricks advice from you pros would be greatly appreciated!! If anyone has the "Night Eyes" do they work?
Thanks in advance!
I have no clue, but usually with things from magazines, you don't wanna bet the ranch on it. I would personally just lock my ducks up at night in the coop, remove the food (put it in the barn since animals are attracted to the smell of chicken/duck feed) and if you have a dog let them pee (yeah I know it sounds weird) around the pen. It'll act as a deterrent to other animals since dogs will usually kill coons, possums,etc. I hope it helped.
I have heard numerous horror stories from people on here that tried them and lost birds.
I never tried it but you can go to the BYC predator section and ask. I guarantee you will get a lot of responses.
I lock my ducks up EVERY night!! No if ands or butts, they are going in wether they like it or not. I usually put the 5 week old babies up about 7pm to get them their salad fed and settled for the night. I got back from a cook out last night at babies to be seen, I went running and shouted minute I could hear them running down the hall of the house (yes, my ducks live in an old house) and appear at the top of the porch screaming at me that I WAS LATE!!!!! They had got sick tired waiting for me so took themselves to bed. I have them well trained all ready
I use the Nite Guards on my chicken coop and run and will probably get another couple for the duck run. I have had the chickens for a year and have never seen any sign of any predators trying to get at them and I am literally out in the woods on 10 acres of land that butts up against a state park. Lots of predators around here. Of course I did build my chicken coop and run like Fort Knox.
Unless those nifty red lights shoot LASER BEAMS! PEW! PEW PEW!

I'd say it's useless.. What exactly is the point of the red lights besides to accent the color of blood?
I ordered 4 and right after I got them, Someone told me to use Christmas lights. That's when the light bulb went off in my head!*#@? DUH... They are the same thing without the added expense. And way cheaper probably. So I was thinking about get the LED ones, less energy wasted.
Anything short of death or an encounter with another predator that will/can kill it will not deter other predators. They get accustomed to their surroundings fast, they constantly test new threats and learn at an incredible rate. With that in mind, your coop needs to be virtually a prison to garuntee no predation, something most cant do it seems on this site (backyard city flocks, suburban settings etc)

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