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Oct 11, 2016
Hi, I have 4 chicks who are 3 days old, I usually leave the light on for them 24/7 is that ok or should turn the light off at night and use a small red night light which emits a small amount of red light. They are using a chick heating plate will they be ok without a bright light at night thanks.


Nov 2, 2018
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I use a heat plate too and dont give them any extra light only daylight. If they were under a hen as the plate replicate’s she wouldn’t be putting a light on for them at night. No light is far more natural for them plus you get a bit of peace & quiet at night when it’s dark :lol:


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Feb 5, 2018
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Letting your chicks experience the natural cycles of day and night is definitely the way to go. Natural daylight is best and the heating plate is awesome!

When my chicks were in the house, we would still have our lights on way past sunset. So before I went to bed, I would turn the lights out gradually (turning off the closest light to them first, then down the hall- over the course of about 10-15 minutes) to sort of simulate the setting sun so they wouldn't be shocked by total sudden darkness.

When the first light went off, they would scuttle around chirping and I would guide them under the heating pad right before turning out the last light, so they wouldn't get lost in the dark, and then they were quiet all night. It didn't take long for them to learn to "get to the coop" all on their own when I started turning out lights!


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I love a heat plate for the ability to provide a dark period.
I agree with all that has been written in that hemeral lighting is the way to go.
However, I keep some light on them the first 3 or 4 days. Chicks that age will sleep when they are tired whether it is light or not. When they get the urge I want them to hydrate and get feed.
Then I gradually move them to an 8 hour dark period over a couple days.
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