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Jun 11, 2010
Hi, I am new to BYC and VERY new to chickens. I have owned them for 5 days now. I have six 9 week old girls I got from a friend who was looking to get rid of his whole setup. My first post was over in the coop section...

I am noticing that there are a couple things that might be a little different about my setup. My coop doesn't have a pop door that closes. There is a little curtain over the opening but that is it.

I was having some trouble with the interior set up of the coop and had to add some roosts inside because all they had were a couple shelves to roost on. I made a lot of changes in there and might have upset them a bit

Because of this they tend to roost outside at night. Their run is pretty darn safe and I am not worried about predators. I live in CA and it is usually lovely weather. A little cold and frosty in the winter but very little rain and no snow ever. Of course the weather right now is beautiful.

So should I be concerned about them roosting outside? Or should I just let them do their own thing and assume they will go inside if it is too cold for them?

Chanda and the girls (still working on names...)
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I think that as long as their run is safe, there is no problem with them roosting outside. They can go in if they want. Without a door on the coop, it's no safer than them roosting outside anyway. Enjoy your new hobby!
Randomly last night they roosted inside! Not sure why they suddenly changed but they are seeming to be getting more comfortable in their new home. Their personalities are really coming out now!
Chanda and the girls
This is good! No matter how safe a run it can't be as safe as a well built coop. I would definitely make a door for your coop though. It doesn't matter where you live, stray dogs and cats happen.
I will look at the 'pop door' area and see if I can add an actual door there. There are so many great ideas on the coops pages here that I am sure I can figure something out.

I am lucky in that I have a Livestock Guardian Dog that guards my sheep and was raised with chickens. He hasn't had to do any active chicken guarding yet since they haven't been free range yet but he is RIGHT there watching out. The coop is in the sheep pasture right near our house.

I have two guard dogs on the ranch, one is the LGD and the other is a ranch guard. So one guards the actual livestock and moves with them and the other guards the actually property. We have not had a single coyote, bobcat or any other animal on the property (other than gophers/squirrels/hawks) in about 10 years. The hawks are what I am most worried about when they start free ranging. Gaius, the LGD, doesn't normally have to worry about hawks with his sheep so I don't think he will even look up. He is on the lookout for all 4 legged creatures though.

In their run their favorite roost is under the solid roofed part and the sides have chain link with a finer sturdy mesh over that and it is about 5 feet high. I 'hope' that gives them a little extra safety if they decide to move out again. I am VERY pleased that they roosted inside last night though!! Yay!

Chanda & the girls

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