Night time raccoon visit

i sleep looking out a back window on the ground level of my house. My coop is close enough that I can hear the birds if they shift around on the roost. Last night (3am) i woke up when I thought I heard something. i looked out the window for a while, and nothing. I got up to use the bathroom, and I was walking back to bed,T I saw a raccoon shaped object run from the coop and across the backyard.
I turned on the flashlight I keep on the windowsill, and a much smaller one started walking straight toward the screened window I was looking out. I hissed at it a few times, but it got about 3 ft away before a couple of git outs finally got it to turn away. I assume it was just curious or exploring the light.
these are the times when you 2nd guess your coop builds. My 2 chicken doors are hasped with caribineers plus a turn knob, double latches on the nesting box, and people door, so I felt pretty confident about integrity. But, there's always that fear that something got overlooked.Such are the worries of a new chicken dad.

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