Night time temps for 12 week old chcks in AZ-Please help a newbie!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Beckyhsinglsc, Jan 1, 2010.

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    I have six 12 week old chicks in an open style coop/run (our first chickens.) They've been outside for about 3 weeks (in our living room before that:))
    We live in the Phoenix area so in the long run we are more worried about heat than cold, but while they are young I don't know what low temps they can handle.
    We built a 4x2x2 plywood box for them to use while they are young and put a 100 watt red heat lamp at the top. We turn the lamp on in the evening and off in the morning.
    The box is open to the ground (shavings) and enclosed on four sides and top except for a door.
    The low temps will be 35 to 40 over the next week. Are they going to roast?
    At what low temp should I turn the lamp on?
    At what temp/age can I remove the box?
    Thanks for any help you can give.

    Here's a picture... (This is before my sister took a few of the chickens)
    A roost will be added this weekend and the nest boxes will be added soon also.

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    12 week old chickens should have their feathers and should be fine. They shouldn't need the lamp.

    Why is the lamp in a separate box? I would just hang the lamp 2' off the ground if you want to use it. I think they might smother themselves cramming into that box if it does get cold.
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    Once they have all their feathers they no longer need a heat lamp. As long as they have a way to get out of the wind and on the rare occasion rain, they should be just fine. I might also add I am just commenting for Arizona. You might need a heat lamp if you have 15 ft of snow on the ground 6 months out of the year. I have never lived in cold country so I can't comment on that.
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    I live in Glendale and have an open coop too (see my BYC page). My chicks (hatched Sept. 28) are 13 weeks old now and I kept them inside for the first 6 weeks and then moved them outside with a heatlamp over their box also. I turned off the heat lamp a few weeks ago (when they were around 9 weeks or so). They are doing great - no colds, illness, etc. They are taking the cold just as well as the older pullets/hens do. I noticed they sleep better without the light on - when the light was on, they tend to get up and move around a lot.
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    They don't need the light anymore. They are pretty well feathered out and plumping up. As soon as you put in a roosting pole they will jump up there and sleep on that.
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    Dec 19, 2009
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    Thank you everyone for your help.
    I have turned the light off and added the roost. They are still sleeping in the box, though.
    Only a few of the chicks like to roost but only during the day so far.
    I think I'll give them a week or so to adjust before I remove the box.

    The box was added because the coop is so open and I thought a closed coop area was a good idea while they were so young and it was so "cold".
    I think I'm probably worrying too much about the "cold". I should probably save the worrying for this summer when it's 110! [​IMG]

    Thanks again,

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