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  1. PA717

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    I have 9 week old pullets that I picked up last week. They will only roost in the run and do not use the attached coop. Any tips or suggestions on getting them to use the coop would be appreciated....summer won't last forever!
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    Apr 22, 2009
    I'm not going to be much help because mine do the same thing. My problem is that the coop is lower than the roosts, so they don't want to go 'down in.' If i had it to do over I would make the coop higher.

    Is that part of the issue for you?
  3. PA717

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    No they would have to walk up the ramp to get into the coop. I have even put them in the coop and they just run right out.
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    Jul 10, 2015
    After they go to roost, I've taken them from there and placed them where I want them. Usually takes only 2 or 3 nights for them to change.
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    Ok I'll try that tonight. Thanks for the help!
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    yup wait till its dark. they tend to not move when is dark as they can't see well.
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    You can also lock them in the coop for about three days, then allow them out late in the day on the fourth. If works you handle the birds only once.
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    Ditto Dat!^^^^

    Usually a good thing to do with new birds is to keep them confined to coop so they 'home' to it.
    Also make sure you have adequate floor and roost space for the number of birds you have....and good ventilation.
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