Niki!! Help me ID Epona's babies!!

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    I borrowed these from Epona142 post, so Niki would see it and maybe help out [​IMG]




    I think the first one is a red-golden, what do you think? And the others? I know some are obvious, just want your opinion. These are some babies she hatched from my birds. [​IMG]
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    Jul 7, 2009
    ha ha ha the sencound to last one looks evil! [​IMG]
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    I'll be right back... [​IMG]

    Okay, here we go.

    Hard to see the color, but these guys are red. They look like browns in the picture, but they are definitively a red color and stand out from the browns. I picked three that show the range; a light red with stripes, a red with no stripes, and a very DARK red.


    What I'm sure are goldens?:


    What I've been calling little tuxedos:


    And just for fun, my very favorite. He's so prettily red with golden stripes.

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