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  1. rukkus

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    Feb 9, 2015
    hey guys, we just bought this spunky little ninja bird... forgot what the guy said she was other than shes a game bird... cheeky thing jumped the back fence earlier so she was named "ninja little" by one of the kids... anyone know?[​IMG]
    think we will have to make fences higher... also, whats the deal with clipping wings or whatever? is there anything i can do that wont hurt her? wing clipping is just feathers yeah? i dunno about any of that cos our others can get to about waist high before they head south again, the typical rock with wings and such...
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    Just cut one side, not both to keep it off balance. My young chickens this really doesn't help but with heavier birds it will. Just spread out the wing and you can see where the feathers end and wing begins. A pair of scissors work fine.
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    [​IMG]silver duckwing modern game bantam probably is the breed.
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    Jul 2, 2016
    Looks to red to me to be a silver duckwing
  5. Kev

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    what country are you in? I'm wondering if that might be an Australian pit game or Australian game

    forum for australian poultry on the games... did not find something on the pit games right away.. your ninja looks a lot like them.

    Game breeds in general are so athletic they are a lot harder to keep confined. if they want to get out, they will get out if their area is not totally enclosed and topped. Try wing clipping and see but be prepared to find her on the other side sometimes.

    p.s. her color over here would be called a blue red duckwing.

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