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9 Years
Mar 5, 2010
I have 3 pigs and they waste to much water so do any of you use a nipple waterer for your pigs. I have nipple waterers for the chickens but thats not big enough and I want one made for pigs. I have seen the nipples at the feed store so I just need info on building one. If any of you have any type of system please let me know.

well pigs are just that creatures...try maybe placing a catch basin under their water system or trough what ever you are using now. maybe like a large tuperware that will fit underneath.

I have never heard of nipple waterer's for pigs but you never know until you try. now oyu have to post pics of your piggies just because you merely mentioned it, not fair for us BYC'ers just to know about them gotta share the pics
I heard about this nipple thing at the feed store I am looking into what I need. They have a regular trough for pigs but its not good enough because they spill it fill it with dirt and I cant stand wasting so much water. They are suppose to lick the nipple or bit it so it lets out the water.
I cant get any pics on because my camera cord is broken and I cant buy one because the stores are to far... But I would have posted them since they were 2 months old..

I have a few pigs and I use nipple waterers. The pigs use their mouth or nose to push on them for water. They use water pressure to work. Mine are hooked up to my water line with PVC. They work great, alot less mess. A couple of my hogs have learn to hold them open though, so they can create their on mud hole.
Have not tried it yet, but I just read a book on Potbelly Pigs and they suggest getting the largest water bottles you can from a feed shop (type you use for rabbits). I am thinking of trying this soon for my pot belly pigs.

Currently I use a water cooler jug filled with water over a drinking dish (like you use for large dogs).
We use nipple waterers for our show pigs. They are a lot easier to use, theres always fresh water and no stale water with mud in it to empty out. Our animals liked them so much our goats started reaching into the pig pens to drink from them, so we added some to the goat pens. Now we have no water buckets to clean !!

WE ran ours using PVC up to the pens then black iron pipe into the pens. If you use PVC inside the pens you will be repairing them.The pigs will learn to hold them open to make a mud puddle to bathe in. We also had a 6 month old calf in a goat pen temporarily while his was being cleaned and he started drinking from the nipples. He ended up getting a taller nipple in his pen and he drank from that till he was 1200lbs., then he got processed.

The nipples were a great addition to our set up. Knowing how well they work, I don't know how anyone can not have them. Sure, it is a lot of work if you have to trench to each pen and run a Black Iron pipe into them, but it can usually be done all in one day, and will eliminate the hours wasted cleaning water buckets.
Do I have to run it off of my main pvc outlets or can I get and 50gallon bucket and run the pvc of that and then onto the steel pipe? Do you have any pics of your set-up and how high should I put the pipe in the air.
Any info will help me trying to get this all set-up.


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