Nite Guard Lite

What are Nite Guard Lites? I know my aunt said she had a little less problems with predators when she had them in a lighted area but I think if something is hungry enough it probably wouldnt make a difference.
Its a black box with a blinking red light, timed to turn on every few seconds, battery operated(solar) and weather proof.

I've heard different opinions on them, some people say theyre just a gimmick. They are supposed to make the predator think they are being watched and spook them, thus they leave, or do not enter the area. It's worth a try, so I got one. I'll let you know, I guess.

I know a gentleman whose property is part river frontage, and he swears by the thing. Says he used to have huge losses to predators at that edge of his property by every kind of predator imagineable, and it has stopped. There's nothing in it for him to be giving me a line of garbage, so I believed him, thats why I'm gonna try it! (He has goats, pigs, all manner of poultry, exotics, dogs, cats, even emus)

Good luck in your decision, I figure its worth a try, got mine for about $25.

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What is it about it that scares the predators? Does it simulate a glow from the eyes of some certain bogeyman animal? Will it also scare my chickens? Guineas? Cats? Dogs? Any luck with use in protecting vegetable gardens from deer?

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