Nite lights or not?


6 Years
Jul 19, 2013
I am so new at this chicken fascination. I have 6 chicks and have raised them from 4 days old. Originally I had them with a heat lamp
in their crib/pen. When they got older, I placed them outside with a regular bulb at night .I thought that they would benefit from the
ability to see in their coop and it might deter critters from attacking at night. Now I'm wondering if the night light might be an
attractor? I should mention directly behind the coop is a pasture with 5 Llamas that I suspect help protect them. I'm curious of your thoughts?
Should I continue to as the hotel chain says... "We'll keep the a light on for you" or shall I" turn out the light the parties over"?
I have had mink attacks several years back. I lost 20-30 chickens a night. I since put a 13 watt fluorescent bulb in all 6 barns. This along with a radio playing loud enough to hear for 30 yards or so. This noise keeps the critters away, and the lite keeps it where they can see a little and better protect themselves in the dark.

It's been about 3-4 years now since I have solved that problem. Most critters don't go around unfermilure noises. I also have 6 big geese that stand watch out front of the barns under a street light. These geese used to be in the barns when I was hit, but now I use them as bully's to keep predators away. It's a combo of things that I use, but it seems to work. Good luck!
Thanks for sharing your opinion. I just didn't want to be putting them at risk because of my lack of experience.
I appreciate your help.

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