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NKY - Barnyard Mix chicks!

Discussion in 'Chicks 1 Day to 8 Weeks Old' started by KYTinpusher, May 20, 2017.

  1. KYTinpusher

    KYTinpusher Master Enabler

    Sep 3, 2011
    Northern KY
    I have 15 barnyard mix, straight run (unsexed) chicks, hatched 5/17. I put the eggs in the incubator for a local preschool class, but didn't have time to bring them over for them to hatch. They are blue, black, splash, chocolate, mocha (mauve) and maybe latte (chocolate splash). Some are fibromelanistic, which means they have black or dark skin, comb, wattles, meat, bones, etc. Any pullets could lay brown or blue, but most likely green eggs. Breeds involved: Silverudd's Blue, Orpington, Swedish Flower Hen, Svarthona, and Black Ameraucana. I don't have room to grow them out, so I will be offering them on other pages also. $2 each or all for $25 Local pick-up in Sparta area or can meet within a reasonable distance.

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