No balance, won't flap wings, lathargic

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    So I have tractor supply chickens that we have had for 3-5 months. Have had 2 die and a third one that is lathargic, won't flap wings, and has no balance. I mean can be gentle pushed over and falls to side. Been this way for a few days. Have been researching the Google machine and haven't really found anything. Not sure of chicken breed sign said silkie, but I have silkie and it doesn't look like them. Any help would be great it is in isolation from the other 3 tractor supply chickens I have left
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    Jul 1, 2015
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    Any pictures or video?
    When you mean she won't flap wings, does she seem paralyzed or does she flail around trying to catch herself when she if off balance?
    It could be anything from a vitamin/nutritional deficiency, neurological/developmental disorder to some type of illness such as Marek's.
    I would start by giving B vitamins (no iron). Keep her warm and hydrated. You can give her her chick feed, scrambled/hard boiled egg or tuna to see if she will eat, sometimes chickens will eat wet foods so adding some water to the food may help.




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    Could be Marek's I'm dealing with a chicken that has it right now and it sounds like what it has. Im trying a theory that like cure like and i bought nature valley st johns wort and to delute it add 2 tablespoons to the pill and mix with plastic or glass do not let pill touch metal or tap water because tap water has iodine and it ruins the herb same with metal. Give a bantam 5 to 10 drops and large fowl 10 to 20. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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