No chick crumb what to do


Nov 3, 2017
hello :frow I have recently had 2 broody hens with 7 eggs each and to day was ment to be day 19 but I forgot that 3 of the eggs were 2 days older and 2 of them have internally piped and today is very stormy I was going to buy chick crumb in 2 days but what do I feed the chicks if they hatch today I only have mixed corn, grit and quail food. I know they won’t need to eat for 24 hours so I might be able to cut it fine- RSVP any ideas
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Nov 23, 2010
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As was said, not to worry. The quail feed will suffice if they come off the nest before you can buy feed.
The bigger concern is the staggered hatch. If there are eggs that are two days ahead of the others, the hen may come off the nest to care for the live chicks and abandon the others. (a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush) Do you have a plan for that probability?

And if I may ask, what is mixed corn grit?

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