"No chickens in the house rule."


6 Years
Sep 9, 2013
Portland, OR
The love of my life made the rule. The love of my life broke the rule. No chicken's in the house unless they're sick and in hen hospice (the spare bedroom)

I'm a photographer and my boyfriend Jackson's band wanted to update their promotional materials. New pictures were in order. Jackson asked if he could bring his favorite hen in for the shoot. Of course I said yes.

This isn't the best photo I took tonight, by any stretch. But it's the most adorably creepy. It's my favorite.
One part Jack Nicholson, and one part proud papa showing off his baby.

We can't resist letting them in. If they are not sitting in the dog beds, they snuggle on the ottoman or u der the dining table!
I wanna see!
You can upload files straight to BYC rather than hosting them somewhere else and using the tags.
I made you a graphic

Thanks but I think the issue is two-fold. First, the picture is a .png format from a cell phone. And second, I am not able to rename it on my iPad - I think it has to wait until I get back to my laptop. So maybe by this evening I will have gotten those tackled!

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