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    May 15, 2008
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    I need opinions. It's now early October and I live in central Maine. Although we haven't had a killing frost yet it's just around the corner and winter shortly after that with temps averaging probably mid-20s in the day, 10 to -10 at night. First snow is usually around Thanksgiving, almost always have a white Christmas. My chickens live in a big 30X42 barn with 3 horses, no heat but also no drafts, with a converted stall as a coop. (During the day they're free-range.

    I have a bantam that's been on a nest of eggs for about 1 1/2 weeks right now. At first I thought a fox had gotten her but this morning I found her with 11 eggs, all hers. This happened 2 years ago and I took the eggs away. )What do you all think? Take the eggs away or will they grow enough to survive the winter? I don't want to go down to feed the horses in the morning and find chicksicles (and honestly, I don't want another half dozen or more chickens).
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    Okay I suggest to you to take the chicks away [​IMG] because they might not surrvive the cold.
    And honestly, I don't want another half dozen or more chickens). you said you don't want half a dozen more chickens.
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