No crowing and an egg eater?

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    Mar 10, 2012
    We have 5 hens and a rooster currently, all hatched in March and laying since August/September. Seems like no sooner than we finally started getting eggs production dropped off in October and in mid-November stopped completely. We have not found any eggs in the last few weeks. Our coop is not insulated and has no lights (the only electricity currently going on back there is the heated waterer), so I guess it could be that but NO eggs? I talked to a friend who has chickens (her coop is also unlit and uninsulted) and she is still getting eggs, we are in the same area and so same weather. The only differences are that she has a large group, at least 20, and different breeds. Mine are buff orpingtons and production reds, she has some white birds that lay white eggs. I am starting to wonder if we have an egg eater. A few weeks ago one of the hens was pretty beat up looking, around the time they stopped laying, she had almost no feathers on her head. They have since grown back though and I haven't seen any recent abuse to her or the others. What are the signs of an egg eater if you don't catch them? I really can't make it out to the coop until afternoon each day and when they were laying it was always in the morning so I can't be there when they lay to catch anyone in the act. I am torn, I know some have chickens as pets but for us a lot of it was so we could get fresh eggs/meat...they are about to be meat soon if we can't figure out the egg thing. Buying our own eggs + paying for chicken feed for chickens that aren't laying is getting frustrating.
    I don't think it is related but our rooster isn't crowing either?? He stopped October-ish. I have not heard him since and he used to be a little obnoxious LOL He'd crow whenever we would go in our backyard and in the morning. I guess he *could* be crowing and I'm not hearing him anymore but I really don't think he is.
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    How does their diet compare to you friends, same feed? If you have an egg eater, look for yolk they haven't cleaned off their beaks yet or wet material in the nests. Is it possible that there are other egg eaters then the chickens.
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    X2 Also some hens don't mind the shorter days and will continue laying through winter when others will stop. It depends on breed, age and the individual hens. Maybe extra light in the coop in the mornings will help. It doesn't have to be a strong light, just enough to read by.
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    Maybe they are moulting?

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