No egg - Day 6

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    Sep 23, 2009
    I have three 20.5 week old EEs, two of which have been laying regularly for a couple of weeks, only skipping a day here and there. The third is obviously less developed than the others, since her comb is significantly smaller than the other two, but she laid her first egg six days ago. I'm certain it was hers because we'd already established that the others laid dark green and light green eggs that were very easy to identify, and this egg was light blue. However, she hasn't laid since. I know it's normal for new layers to be irregular at first, but I wasn't expecting her to go this long without laying another one. The first EE laid an egg a day right off the bat, and the second one only skips a day every now and then, and never went more than two days without laying even in the beginning. I checked the blue-egg girl's vent today by mashing around back there (gently, of course), but all I feel is her bones, and I admittedly don't know exactly what I'm checking for! She was very patient with me! [​IMG] Should I be concerned?
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    I wouldn't be too concerned yet, sounds like she is just a slow starter. Just keep an eye on for now.

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