no eggs all of a sudden!


12 Years
Sep 16, 2010
west michigan
my 3 hens have been giving me 3 eggs per day for most of the winter and spring. all of a sudden this week-no eggs!!

what happens? the weather is nice, they free range and a happy and healthy.

thought maybe they were laying them helter-skelter out of doors so I kept them locked in this morning, but no eggs.

any ideas?
They most likely have found a new spot to lay them, or something has gotten the eggs. I just found over a dozen eggs in a trash can in an outbuilding
Hi, new to BYC. I recently bought two Ameraucana hens, $20 ea, the lady was recomended by the lady that sold us our first chickens so I trust her. Anyway, we have had the hens for almost 3 months now, they get along with my other hens, they are all about 1 yr old. In the 3 months they have laid about 7-8 eggs, combined, and one chicken laid an egg with only membrane about 3 wks ago even tho they have access to oyster shell and they enjoy occational yogurt binges. They seem healthy although they seem to excrete more liquid than solids. They eat well, seem happy, but no eggs for about a month and a half now. No abundance of feathers laying around, just quit laying. The other hens are laying an egg a day, any suggestions of what could be the problem?

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