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Nov 2, 2015
I got my hens a couple of months ago. Was told they were 4 months old when I got them. I believe this to not be true as I have gotten 0 eggs from them yet. Just discovered one is a male 3 days ago. He started to change appearance about a month ago. I know that production slows in the winter but mine still haven't started producing. I feed them a Purina layer mix, mealworms, grapes, barley sprouts, and block mixes. Is there anything I should be doing to help aid the process or just continue being patient as they may just have been way younger than I was told. Thanks for the help




7 Years
Dec 26, 2015
New York
It wouldn't surprise me that someone lied about the age of the bird they're selling. If they really were 4 months old,well,some birds don't start laying until later. I would just be patient. I have 4 hens not laying, 2 that I was told are 8 months,and the other 2, 1 1/2 yrs old. Although my 8 month olds are molting,i'm hoping by spring they start laying.


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Dec 15, 2014
If the roo only started looking like a roo about a month ago then they probably are the age you were told. I'd wait a bit longer. I had 2 hens that didn't lay until about 8 months old.

BTW, if they haven't layed yet then it would be better to feed them a grower formula rather than a layer formula. Grower feed is higher in protein and has a different nutrient profile geared for growing birds. Layer is usually a lower protein and far too much calcium for birds that aren't yet laying.


Jun 24, 2015
If they were the age you were told, then they would be six months? That's a totally average time to start laying from what I've read. So it's just as normal for them not to be laying yet as it would be if they were laying. If you cockerel started changing a month ago, that would line up somewhat too depending on how closely you look at him and whether or not you've handled him and examined for saddle feathers. On all the guys I've had, saddles start coming in around 12 weeks, but they don't appear from under/over the wings until 19+ weeks. It looks to me like you have a couple EE pullets. I got some at the end of May when they were about 4 weeks old (I was told they were 8 weeks so I know all about getting bamboozled on age). The first of those pullets has only been laying for about a month. She didn't start until over 31weeks old. Realistically, I wasn't even expecting any eggs until spring since production usually slows or stops all together in the winter. I'd give them several more weeks before I'd start worrying. Do you have any pictures from when you first got them?

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