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    Hi all,It’s taken a while to get back on here we lost all our flock to a Fox so couldn’t get back into it too quickly. We finally bought some Pekin bantams which we love. Two girls about 7 months old, two older girls appx 2 years and a rooster about two years as well.

    They have been separated but next to each other for about a two months and now live together happy with no clear bossy pants yet. Have been living together for about two months but not one egg yet from anybody??

    Also the rooster “Rusty” is doing his dance but the girls aren’t having any of it. So he ends up chasing them around most of the day. I haven’t seen him actually get one yet, poor guy.

    I’m a bit stumped about the eggs and ladies not letting him do the funky dance with them? Any ideas?? Thanks I’ll post some pics soon. 3D663D7A-2BF0-4986-B71A-4074232D76CC.jpeg 61FC2E53-7C94-4287-ADEE-4CA6E5DA57B7.jpeg 864D3CD9-6E28-448F-B790-AD2F5FFDAFA1.jpeg

    I did already post the above but I want sure if it worked. Thanks sorry if it has double posted.
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    Just my thought.
    You are in the middle of winter season right now. Days are short. Your older hens are just waiting for Springtime. The younger ones are still young enough not to have started laying. I'm also not very familiar with your breed of chicken, and their laying abilities. They sure are BEAUTIFUL CHICKENS. :thumbsup
    WISHING YOU BEST,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :highfive:
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    I have Pekins. They don't lay much in winter, as cavemanrich is exactly right. Just wait for longer days and you'll have eggs - then they'll go broody and stop laying again :celebrate

    Also - I wouldn't worry about your rooster - he'll get the hang of it and the ladies will submit - it just takes time...
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    Aug 7, 2013
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    Okay thanks for the above, guess I’ll just wait and cross my fingers. Come on spring
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