No eggs since Aug.'14

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    Mar 4, 2012
    They went through the molting,tried some old time remedies,still no eggs here in N. AL.They are Red Sex links, 2years old,they laid great all last winter, I'm willing to listen to some good suggestions before they become a good stew.Thanks alot
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    If they were mine I'd worm them with some Rooster Booster or something that kills more than just roundworms (as wazine does). Make sure you repeat to stop the life cycle of worms. You can also ask a vet to do a fecal float test for worms - some will do that. False negatives are possible.

    Then see about adding some light in the coop to give them 14 hours of sunshine/day.

    Also make sure you have oyster shell for them.

    Get them on a nice protein - rich feed, such as some of the 20% protein feeds (like Flockraiser or unmedicated chick starter) temporarily to see if you can get them going. Eggs require a lot of protein - usually 16%, but if they have been molting they may need some extra.

    If you don't want to switch their feed, you can throw out some scrambled eggs to them - some even throw out a bit of dry cat food (but I don't prefer that myself).

    The pullet year, chickens usually lay great all winter. But mine are two and three years old now (almost) and I am getting 1-3 eggs out of 22 hens since I am not doing the artificial light this year in the coop. I am letting them rest.

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