No eggs since August 2014

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    Oct 2, 2012
    I have 4 hens and have only laid maybe 12 eggs since this past August. At first I thought the heat and molt was to blame but their feathers grow in over a month ago. Only one girl, an Easter Egger, is laying anything at all. The weather here in Southern California is mild at its worst and our daylight, even in winter, still meets their needs. Their activity level is very low and they are spending most of their time under a rose bush.:(
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    What are you feeding them? Do they have plenty of water? If the entire flock is lethargic then something environmental is usually to blame.

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    Are you getting 14+ hours of daylight in your area? If not, then the darker days of winter, plus the previous heat and molt, are probably the reason you're not getting many eggs. Now that the days are getting longer, eggs will be coming sooner or later.

    Also, if you didn't give them extra protein during their molt, it wouldn't hurt to do it now. And if you've been feeding layer feed since August, I would stop right now. That is too long to be ingesting extra calcium and not be laying eggs. Excess calcium to nonlaying chickens can cause visceral gout and kidney problems. I'd get some grower or starter feed and crushed oyster shell. Put the oyster shell on the side for your one hen laying eggs for her calcium needs. The other hens will leave the oyster shells alone until they need extra calcium to lay eggs.
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    How old are the birds? Older hens will normally take the winter off after molting, regardless of the weather.
    What breeds, besides the EE? More ornamental breeds just don't lay as well.
    Have you gone on an egg hunt or confined them? Are their combs bright red or pale pink?
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