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  1. amysue2012

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    Oct 6, 2007
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    I have 13 Hens of which 4 are older Ida Browns that were laying when I got them. They layed for about 6 weeks 2 to 4 per day. Now its been 5 weeks and no eggs. I also have 9 Barred Rocks that are 26 weeks and they haven't started to lay yet either. They all look healthy and are getting layer feed....but I dont know if I'm doing something wrong or not. Please help![​IMG]
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    There are many reasons why hens don't lay. Some are disease, poor nutrition, not enough light, etc. Have you done anything different lately to unsettle them? A change in their lifestyle can cause hens to stop or not lay also. As will a change in the weather.

    Have you looked around carefully and made sure they aren't hiding a nest of eggs from you? I remember once years ago one of my earliest flocks seemed to never lay. It was getting ridiculous at 35 weeks and not one single egg. When deeping cleaning the hen house in a corner hard to reach I found a clutch of over 200 eggs they had BURIED! The hid them from me!

    Have you tried supplementing their ration with some kitchen scraps - yogurt, rice, meat, veggies, bread and add free choice oyster shells. You could also feed them treats of meal worms and such to boost their nutrients. You might even try chopping up a few hard boiled eggs as a treat. Just in case there is something missing in their diet that is hendering the production of eggs adding things to their diet might stimulate them. I do not give my chickens ration as their main source of food. I use the ration as the supplement. They get lots of bugs and grass, most kitchen scraps, lots of vegetables and good breads (I get it free from the grocery store bread delivery lady when she is restocking the bread shelves otherwise she throws it away - what a waste!). I have goats and the hens also get yogurt and whey and any milk products that perhaps don't turn out exactly right. They have a very broad and wide diet.

    How much light are they getting? I would suggest adding a 40 watt light to the hen house. Using a timer switch have the light come on in the early morning as opposed to adding light in the evening - the birds need to roost when the sun goes down, the morning light is just better for them. 14 hours of light is the general recommendation.

    Something else I would suggest is check frequently to make sure the hens aren't eating eggs themselves.

    Also is there a chance there is an egg eating predator lurking in the hen house? Like a snake?

    There are so many reasons not to have eggs. My newest layers are 19 weeks and I am waiting for my eggs, too! But like us women the hens have their own cycle and maybe they just haven't matured to the point they are ready to lay. Give them a little more time and perhaps try some of the suggestion.

    We all will be watching for the post with your first egg!
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    Your supposed to feed them grower food til you start getting eggs. It must have something in it to help wih proper development. I know a lady who switched too soon because she did not want to buy more grower when they were so close to laying. Well she was telling me they were a year old and no eggs. I told her of a person to talk to and the person suggested getting them back on grower. She did and head eggs within a week. I know it sounds odd....but it worked. You can gradually mix the rest of the grower food into layer after. I can promise it will work, but its an easy and cheap thing to try.
    Good Luck anyway.
  4. amysue2012

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    Oct 6, 2007
    Montpelier Ohio
    Thanks for all the ideas I'll try mixing up the diet a little with some eggs, I already have been giving them some kitchen scraps and apples that have started falling. If nothing happens by next week when I go to get feed again I try mixing in some grower feed.

    There is light out in the barn since they are in the other side from where the rabbits are....maybe I need to try turning it off at night? Now it stays on all the time. Perhaps its too much light.

    Thank you so much for the ideas....this website is sooo cool![​IMG][​IMG]
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    Jan 11, 2007
    Lurky - you don't have to feed grower. I know we don't here and our hens lay just fine. They go from chick feed to layer without any problems. It also sounded like the hens had started to lay, but layer feed is right for these girls.

    Amysue - The 100% light could be throwing off their cycle and they're not well rested because of it. I would try to give them ample darkness to sleep. However, keep in mind that with the shortened daylight, you may still not get a quick recovery of eggs. This is part of nature. You can accept it or offer artificial light to keep them laying. Up to you, but artificial light has good and bad things associated with it. If your girls are pets, I wouldn't overdo the extra light. If they are just there for eggs, then provide up to 14-16 hours of light per day for production. Good luck.


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