No electric and want heat


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Jun 7, 2020
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If you are worried I would just run an extension cord and buying a chicken safe heater. They do have mr buddy heaters that run off propane some are safe for indoors. But you then run into problems might have to build a box around it so it doesn't get knocked over. If these a permanent areas and you own your property and aren't renting. I personally would just bury some electrical cord with pvc conduit and make a glorified extension cord. Basically that's what I did with mine.
USE-2 or even URD is likely cheaper, and doesn't require conduit, being designed for direct burial - but at that point, you might as well hard wire a panel to the barn. Play nice with the Building Inspector and the permit people, set aside a few extra dollars for the tax man.

(I'm doing this soon, actually). Need to measure my "spare" RHW-2 wire, hope I have enough.


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Jul 10, 2009
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I would go heavy on insulation, but still be aware that they need plenty of ventilation.
It may be hard...
I'm not sure what else you could do, except run some extension cords from the closest outlet.

I may not have the best ideas, but these people sure do :) : v v v v

I'm sorry, I have no experience or information to share in re: the care of miniature bantams.

New-hatched chicks need heat. That's all I can really say.


Apr 29, 2021
If worried I would simply set them up in an already warm place... like the garage (park cars outside), and then figure out good ventilation.
We have no place like that 😂 I think I’ll just stick with deep litter, get some good rocks/concrete/soapstone to leave out in the sun and put in with them when they go to bed, and insulate well with good wind protection.

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