No fail toad in the hole recipe???? anyone please???

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    also known as egg in the nest or bullseye. features fried egg in a hole carved in toast. Anyone heard of it and know how to make it?? recipes and tips only please! thank you!
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    I don't know if this is the "right" way to do it, but all I've ever done is put a little butter (& some olive oil, if you like it), cut a hole in a piece of toast, put it in the pan when the butter etc starts getting hot, crack an egg in the middle, turn the heat to medium. When it's cooked on one side, flip it and finish cooking. Season per taste.

    Is that what you were looking for?

    It's cute and all, but I prefer cooking my eggs and toast separate.
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    in the UK "toad in the hole " is sausages cooked in a yorkshire pudding batter ?
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    I've been eating them 60+ years. My mother's go to when she thought we might miss the school bus because we could take it with us. That is when we discovered apparently no one else's mother ever fixed them. Not wanting to put up with all the "what's that?" again, we learned to eat them as we ran up the hill to catch the bus.


    Melt butter in a skillet over medium heat.
    Add a slice of bread from which you have removed a piece of the center, it should be about the size of the yolk
    Put bread in skillet, turn so both sides are buttered
    Break egg in center, salt and pepper as desired.
    Turn once cooking until the yolk is like you like it....Keep the heat low to med low or the white will not get done if you like a runny yolk

    Currently I make them often using a slice of Gump bread about the thickness of the yolk and cook them with olive oil. After I flip it I turn the heat off so it doesn't burn while I finish getting ready for work.

    I have never used the cookie cutter method where you take out enough of the center for the whole egg but have seen it done on TV.
    If you have a fairly large slice of bread and smaller eggs you can take out a piece in opposite corners and cook eggs with one piece of bread.
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    Gosh, I had to look at this one, haven't had them in years. Never even remembered the name til I saw the post. Thanks for the blast from the past!
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    Oh my! yes I like that version too! [​IMG]

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