No food choice! Now what?

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    Feb 21, 2008
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    Hi all, I live in a small town with one feed store, they have no grower feed. My choice is medicated starter or laying crumbles. That is it, they have meat bird grower or scratch. I swear these people think I am nuts they all just say feed them the starter till they lay or they will be fine with laying crumbles, or just feed them scratch!![​IMG]. I really do not want to keep feeding them the medicated feed but my only choice is laying crumbles 16 %. My chicks are now 12 weeks and 4 weeks old, they all were hatched under broodys and free range everyday. So what do I feed everyone?

    The breeds of chicks are buff orps and mutts? They are layers not meat birds.
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    what breed are they, are they for meat or laying???16% protein should be fine, unless you want meat then you may want a higher %
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    I would feed layer crumbles supplemented with some scratch. If they are free ranging their diet is pretty well balanced out.

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