NO!!!!! It's MINE!!!!!!!!! Kinda long but it was so cute!!!!

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    I swear, watching this was the most fun I have had in a long time!!! First, my GLW, Burgandy, decided it was time to lay her egg. She hops in the nest and starts advertising her intent. My EE, Miranda, heard her and seemed to decide it was a good idea and that was the perfect nest. She hopped into the nest with Burgandy and tried over and over to shove her out. Finally, Burgandy gave up and moved to a different nest only to have Miranda follow. Miranda pushed and shoved until she managed to become completely wedged under Burgandy. I have heard people talk about chickens growling but never heard it until today. She was furious with Miranda and growling like crazy. All of a sudden she quit growling, started cackling, and laid an egg right on Miranda's back!!!! Miranda quickly grabbed the egg and rolled it underneath her. They then proceeded to fight over it until it was smashed to pieces. So much for that egg!!! It was worth it to watch them, though.
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    I had something happen almost like that last year. Except it was my RIR very first egg. It was stolen by a broody. Til this day she still lays her eggs with a very loud cackle and growl, and she looks real fast from left to right before she lays.

    Cute story.
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    Aren't they just the goofiest things?
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    That's the best thing about chickens, they're so goofy, and so darn serious about it! When I've had a frustrating day at work, I come home and watch the chickens and pretty soon I've got a little smile on my face.
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    Sounds like two kids fighting over an icecream cone..

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