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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by TomK282, Mar 21, 2016.

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    Mar 21, 2016
    Hi guys, First post!

    I've had a pretty rough time the last year trying to hatch my own Aylesburys. I've successfully hatched 2 small batches of my own Pekin chicks but twice now with the ducks I've been unsuccessful!

    First time last spring I set 18 eggs, 10 were dud.. 7 stopped growing before hatch date, one hatched but then died 2 days later!

    Today I've just finished my second attempt; with eggs from and different bird and drake. 12 eggs set, 3 duds and 8 appeared to have stopped growing again, one has started pipping but then died after two days trying to leave the shell. I gave him a small hand yesterday as I noticed it had been over 24 since progress, removing no more than a 1P coin of shell around his head. Today he is motionless! :(

    The incubator is only a Chinese 48egg auto turner but has hatched chicks before.. What am I doing wrong?
    The temp is a constant 37.5/6 and humidity always above 50% with me nudging it up to 70% the last few days!

    Also, has anyone got any Aylesburys eggs for hatching for sale? I fear my old girl won't lay enough for me to get another set in!


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