No more chickens :-(


Jul 27, 2012
Its with a broken heart I report when I went out to feed them this morning, I found both chickens killed. Nothing has ever bothered them in 2 years.

After reading the stickys it must have been a raccoon. Milli died up near the nest box, she had some head and eye trauma. Poor Vanilli I'll spare the details.

I cried all morning. Those 2 characters were an integral part of our home and yard, 2 busybodies involved in all yardwork, guests, pool activity, traffic, and even persisted in barging up to the dogs.

My man friend said he would help me fortify the coop but we should wait until spring. I'm not sure I ever want to expose another chicken to what Milli and Vanilli went through. Those sweet docile hens never stood a chance. I feel like my heart is crackling into a million little pieces.
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I'm so sorry for your losses
So sorry, I understand how you feel I lost all but one of my flock to a dog attack and I didn't think I could keep doing it. But I moved forward and now have another great group of girls, of course my kids and I will always remember our first girls and we talk about them often. You can do it!!
I know how you feel, I live in Northern Tennessee, And I live in a small town, out in the country, There is several wooded areas here near our property... I have dealt with Dogs, And Foxes...It is very heartbreaking loosing your feathered buddies...I would keep your head up and just use it as experience. I used to free range everything, but now I only let them out for a few hours in the middle of the day, while I can check on them or out there with them.

I use lights around my coops to keep preds away.
I am so sorry! I can certainly understand how you feel since we've lost 5 now to coyotes and hawks with 2 of those losses in the past week.
Set a trap using remains of bird lost as bait. Catch offender and make no assumption only one is involved and try to catch another. Post pictures of coop as it exist now and following modifications so those having experience with raccoon proofing can provide advice if needed.

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