no more eggs!


7 Years
Feb 16, 2012
I have 15 chickens 4 roos and 11 hens. As of a few months ago, around the time my sisters dog attacked my flock, my hens stopped laying. Now 4 hens are 6 years old, and 1 had a baby with her as of when this dog attacked, chick was killed, but they have all ben laying well until that insident. now my 3 other hens don't lay and the other 3 are to young. why did they stop?
If chickens get spooked ( and it apears they were! ) they will stop laying, but chickens are fairly dumb ( to put it lightly ) and after a while they will forget about it and start back up again
its ben a few months and in my exsperiences they have a fairly good memory. I also might have an egg eater.

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