No more peeps in the parlor...:-(


9 Years
May 21, 2010
Otis, Oregon ~ Chicken People Since 5/10
Today I moved my 5 week old Aussies into The Chickenarium.

They were so huge, and their brooder so small, there was no way around it. But I am missing them terribly. I may have to get tv, again :-(
I have really enjoyed sitting among them, out in their own house, and they seem to be loving it (of course!) Loads of spiders to eat (they have been eating manky, dusty old webs all afternoon, I was a bit concerned...) and room to flail about as they so enjoy doing.

I also bought their next level food today and began mixing the chick starter crumble together with it, so they can acclimate to it slowly.
It has been a big day for the flock. Chooks and people.

My beloved Gladys...

I hope I don't end up sleeping with them, in their snuggly bed of pine...
I miss them so much!!!



9 Years
May 5, 2010
St. Louis
That is the sweetest story. I know how you feel. I built a tractor coop to start and put it right outside our bedroom window. First thing I did was pop out of bed and see if they were up. When they were in the house, it was nice just to take a minute and observe, if only they stayed babies longer....

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