No more wire cage!! New flight and run

Discussion in 'Quail' started by JerryDwane, Mar 20, 2018.

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    This isn't used for my chickens but I now have some very, very happy quail. They act like completely different birds verses being in a small wire cage. We built this where my brooder was (red box in the middle) under an existing tin roof. The wife and I finished it yesterday.

    We plan on adding some more ground cover but not sure what, so any suggestions would be great. Anyway here is a 12 x 24ft quail pen with electric fence on the outside in hopes to keep out any predators.
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    Fabulous!! If you put a big brush pile in the middle, your birds will love you for it. :) Quail feel more secure lingering under brush rather than being exposed. They will lay better, eat better and thrive more if you put in brush. Build a small frame with bare branches or even 2×4s then lay either real or fake foliage over top. I used to use fake Christmas trees. My birds were in heaven! :)

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