No Nonsense, chickens are livestock, advise. Tell me like it is.

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    I am looking for advise. I started raising chickens 2 years ago. I have learned so much from this site and appreciate learning from the lifetime experiences of those who have lived what I am endeavoring. Some of the things I have learned on here would have taken me years to learn by trial and error and has probably saved me more chicken lives than I have taken. I am going to share what I have learned in 2 years and ask you to share what you have learned in how many years you have been raising chickens.

    1. Coops and runs vs. Free ranging- Chickens are safer from predators in coops and runs.... sometimes- If you really want them to be safe, there is no substitute for either hardware cloth or electric netting, electric netting not saving them from hawks. That said, at what cost? I am an American and enjoy my freedoms. I appreciate the men and women who have fought to protect those rights. I personally prefer to free range my chickens and let them enjoy freedom at a higher risk. That is my right [​IMG]

    2. Chickens don't need heat in the winter. I don't live in the interior of Alaska.

    3. Ventilation is airflow. Too much airflow is a draft. Balancing that makes for lessened danger of frostbite in winter.

    4. Chickens eat just about anything.

    5. Chicks don't necessarily need 95 degrees. Observation will tell you if they are hot or cold.

    6. Chickens are food. It isn't hard to kill a chicken, pluck it, clean it, and cook it. Plus, it tastes much better than store bought.

    7. Incubation is not difficult. Keep your hands off the incubator and let it do its job. The ones that hatch, pass Darwins test.

    8. BOSS stands for Black Oil Sunflower seeds.

    9. Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade) is good for livestock. It is dry and helps with mites. Kills fleas too.

    10. It's your turn.....
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    A coop can never be too big!
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    Chickens do not need a coop nor run to thrive. In an urban area, a privacy fence is enough. In a rural area, an abundance of roosters is enough.

    If you wonder if your chickens *can* eat _____, the answer is yes.

    Resourcefulness is the most valuable skill one can possess. Period.

    You WILL have more chickens than you originally planned.
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    Quote:Oh yes you will! [​IMG]
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    Quote:I agree!
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    Quote:To a point, yes. But a coop and run are helpful. I live in the country. When free ranging, an "abundance of roosters" is hard on the hens (the voice of experience here). My chickens free range during the day, but are locked in the coop/run at night. (They are attached, pop door stays open, gate to run is shut at night. They put themselves in the coop.) In the past, my chickens didn't have a coop and roosted in the trees. The owls that live in our grove picked them off. Revamped an old coop, didn't have a pop door - just the regular people door. I was gone for 3 weeks that summer, coming home on weekends. DH didn't always remember to shut the door. Flock disappeared while I was gone. I had 8 chickens the first week, down to 5 the next, they were gone the last week. We think they were taken by the coyotes that were living in our corn field that summer. All of our barn cats disappeared that year, too. I'm really not trying to be argumentative here. Just letting people know what will happen to their birds if they don't have them in a coop or run at night. I will wholeheartedly agree with the fact that chickens *can* eat ________!
  8. A) Chickens come to you when called. What an attribute! They are surely livestock yet act as pets as well. I click my tongue and they all come running no matter where they are at.

    B) Chickens prefer to eat fresh grass & greens.

    C) It is possible to treat your chickens like pets then process them when you need to without any guilt.

    D) A broody hen is the BEST way for your chicks to survive. No help from any of us is any better, even in winter.

    E) KIDS love chickens!

    F) Yes it is possible for a chicken to poo bigger than a dog. WOW!

    G) Building a/an incubator/brooder/coop/run is just the start to a more self sufficient, idealistic endeavor.

    H) A rooster is a pleasure to chicken owners and the brunt of all complaints from everyone else.
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    Treat them right and they will be your best friend forever.

    Treats get everyone in an uproar.

    They are scared of the simplest things! (I just tried sprouting, made lentils in a water bottle, went to shake the lentils out of the bottle and it sent everyone flying! LOL)

    Chickens have a hard time with change.

    They LOVE to be in the coop only on the day you are cleaning out all the shavings......scratching, clucking, pecking.... *sigh*
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    Chicken math is a real thing. It is not a myth, urban legend or otherwise. I was quick too learn that in less than a years time.
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