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Sep 26, 2008
I have two eggs in the bator. One of them was supposed to hatch yesterday and it hasn't pipped yet. The other egg is supposed to hatch tomorrow and it is pipping right now. I can hear peeping but I can't tell which egg its coming from. I am assuming the peeping is coming from the egg that's pipping. What should I do about the egg that should have already hatched? how long should I wait after the hatch date to do something with it? And when do I know when to help the egg that's pipping if it needs it?

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Hi there and welcome to BYC.

I would wait several days, at least until like day 24.

As far as helping, try not to. Sometimes a chick pips, and it could be 24 to 30 hours or more before it is ready to come out. Their veins could be still attached and not yet dried up, or the yolk sac is not absorbed. So many folks have tried to help, only to end up killing the chicks.

It is so difficult during the last stages of a hatch, and against most of our natures not to help. I truly believe that if they don't make it out alone, it may not have been healthy enough to survive. Then again, once I did help a chick out and I am quite sure it would not have made it. So, try not to interfere if you can wait it out.

Good luck!


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Jun 15, 2008
I help after the other eggs have hatched and the ones left have made no progress in over 24hrs. If one pips early it may just need to sit longer to absorb the yolk than the ones that pip later so I wait until 24hrs after the whole hatch has stopped making progress not after the one egg has pipped. Sometimes they can sit pipped for days before they are ready to zip and hatch so if they've all just started hatching you definitely want to wait.

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