No roo? Too much to hope for?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by LVchicks, Mar 16, 2013.

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    Jan 28, 2013
    My chicks are almost 7 weeks old. None of them have a red comb, many have no discernible comb at all. A couple have very small combs and a few small combs with a tinge of pink at the base. A few have pink-dark pink skin wear their wattles will be but no wattles actually hanging down at all. My barred rocks are far more black than white. All my EE are of the 'chipmunk' color variation. No white on any of them but quite a bit of red on one.
    I've got BR, BO, EE, Australorps,RIR. I know nothing is guaranteed until they lay an egg or crow but by 7 weeks little roos should be looking somewhat roo-ish right? I had prepped myself that with 25 'pullets' I should expect at least 1-2 roos or maybe more.
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    If you ordered pullets only chances are that is what you got. Hatcheries sometimes miss a roo, but 99% of the time (optimistically speaking here!) they get it right.
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    From what I've read tho (I'm just passing on third hand (ok, maybe 20th hand info) you might want to watch the EE with the red on it. Even that is suspect tho as I'm an old woman and may have gotten the which breed with red might be a roo info wrong.

    There is an interesting thread on sexing EEs in the Breeds forum. Might be a good read for you.
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    More than likely they'll all be female. I hatch my own chicks, so I expect males. It's usually pretty apparent by 5 weeks. When my current batch hatched I looked real close at hatch day, decided there would be one or two males.

    Turns out, 1 male, 5 females. Super lucky! I hope my luck holds with hen heavy hatches! Last time is was 1 and 5 as well. Only ever had one 50/50 split, and never more boys than girls.

    Spike is trying to crow at 6 weeks old. Sounds like someone is choking a frog.

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