No roosters allowed...

Magic Birdie

8 Years
May 3, 2011
Magic Birdie land
But I really want a few for the girls I will get(In a long time, but I have a habit of planning things while I wait :rolleyes). So how DO you change the laws?

By the way, I live in Rochester, NY.
Are you in Rochester proper, or out in the countryside somewhat?

Most cities are not going to bend on their rooster ordinances, even if they're pretty lax about chickens. Basically, because you don't need a rooster to get eggs or keep hens, (or even hatch chicks- you just buy fertile eggs), they're just an incredibly noisy pet that you can't train not to crow to most people. Especially in an urban setting where they can't free range, you can't claim he's a guardian all that well.

What makes you want a rooster, may I ask? If you have a really strong argument, you might be able to make a case, but remember you have to be able to change the minds of people who don't care about chickens or you, to be really blunt. Even if they like chickens, a lot of people who do don't have a fondness for roosters. If they don't care about you personally, they aren't going to go along with it just for your happiness, so you have to be able to up-sell that rooster to them.

It really might make more sense if you're planning on getting chickens and roosters and want more freedom to have them to consider moving closer to Batavia and Akron where there's a lot more homesteading acceptance.

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