No. San Diego County ONLY Labrador / Doberman Mix Pups

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    [​IMG]Very healthy and happy Labrador / Doberman mixed puppies. They were born 1/3/2012. They have been weened and are on solid food (Solid Gold Wolf Cub). First vet visit was today, all shots, wormed, and examined, all healthy and have records started at a Vet in Escondido and we have the proof of vaccinations that will go home with each as they find new homes.

    Mom is a pure yellow Lab from a hunting ranch in South East Texas. She is excellent around all our livestock and birds. Very gentle, calm, and affectionate.

    Dad is a pure papered AKC Doberman. Not good around the livestock or birds, very active and LOVES to play, just not a good farm dog.

    All the pups have different attitudes and personalities. Some have been spoken for and out of 11, we still have 3 that need GOOD HOMES.

    This was an accidental littler. The dad is my son-in-law's dog. They were staying with us during his military transition from one duty station to another then had medical complications. Needless to say, the 2 months has turned into almost a year and his 'puppy' grew up and my little girls Waffles was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    This was her first whelping and she delivered 13 pups, but 2 did not make it. Boys ($65) all are black, some starting to get the rust color, some look a little chocolate, too.

    We live in Vista and are willing to meet anyone interested in the pups. With Mom's manners and demeanor, these pups will probably be great bird/hunting dogs, great around children & good protection. I HIGHLY recommend training (4H in Escondido has a dog training program) them, because their Dad was never trained and his is just to rambunctious.

    Please IM me if you are interested in pictures. They can go to GOOD HOMES now.
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    I am looking for a Doberman cross or a Weimaraner cross puppy. My boy is in his golden years and dx with wobblers. He needs to help me train up the new generation. Any leads would be appreciated. We're in San Diego, but will travel.

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