No shell, then no membrane and now squirting out inner eggs in the coop

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    May 12, 2016

    I am a new user however i have been visiting the site for some time, and today decided to join.

    I have a problem and looking for Help

    One of my chickens has repeatedly delivered eggs without shell and now without membrane.

    At first the eggs started with extra shell and worm like scrolls of on her eggs, soon after her eggs came out with no shell at all.

    This went on for a few days and as she got out of the nest box she punctured the eggs.

    She has now moved on to just ejecting the inner egg contents with no shell or membrane.

    All my birds are new to the coop, having said that we are talking weeks old and not just days.

    I purchased them all as P.O.L birds from a big breeder. I took the time to look around his set up and was really impressed with its cleanliness and the health of his birds and broody stock. I have been back to the breeder and he is at a loss.

    The other birds are producing eggs as normal.

    The bird I am concerned about is fit and well, looks in great condition and has everything to eat and drink.


    I have checked for mite infestation, Nothing. Provided her with tonic drink, and totally cleaned and disinfected the coop.

    I Treated her and all the other birds for worms and all the other birds continue to lay eggs every day without problems.

    She has always laid her eggs in a nest box even the ones without shell. but now she, just squirts the inner egg contents whilst resting on a perch directly into the soil pan.

    Can anyone offer me some sound advice
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    Apr 3, 2011
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    She may have a problem with her shell gland or not absorbing calcium. This can be part of internal laying, or a setup for egg yolk peritonitis later. About all you can do is to provide a good layer feed plus give some crushed oyster shell free choice. You could give her a calcium tablet ground into a bit of food to eat for several days. My chickens prefer crushed up egg shells to oyster shell. I collect a pan full and bake tham for 10 minutes at 200 F, and they crush easily.
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    May 12, 2016
    These birds have everything they require. As for the used she'll like you I bake the empty shells and crush as well as providing oyster shell. All my birds look so healthy. They have no obvious problems and as said I would live in the coop as its been pressure washed and disinfected. And the bedding is being changed daily the other birds are not eating the discharged eggs. I do not want her suffering but I am sure she's not. The fact that I am not getting eggs from her does not bother me. I will not dispatch her!!
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    May 12, 2016
    I found the problem!

    The hen continued to squirt out the inner contents of the egg every morning and she started to look a mess. She continued to eat and drink as if nothing was wrong.

    Her backside looked as if someone had plucked every feather off her backside and undercarriage so I picked her up and placed her in a warm bath with johnsons baby bath soap in it.

    She just relaxed and allowed the warm soapy water to do its thing. I washer her undercarriage and she was not distressed at all after about 20 minutes I took her out and put her in a fresh bath with no soap and rinsed her off.

    Just to recap this bird had not delivered a complete egg for more than 10 days and I was ready to send her on her way. However my wife having named everyone of them wanted token her.

    After rinsing her off and patting her dry I noticed what turned out to be an empty membrane sack poking out of her vent. I took hold of it and pulled and out popped an empty but complete membrane sack, very much thicker than a normal one found inside the egg as she walked away from me another membrane sack was delivered. again a very thick sack.

    I can only assume that these thick sacks had become stuck inside her and the hot soapy water had loosened them up and she allowed me to pull out the really stuck one. she has now started laying eggs again and now has a backside all chickens would be proud of, and shows it off daily now that her feathers have been washed and cleaned up.

    I must admit I had come to a decision but after watching a youtube video an American guy doing what I did, I had nothing to loose but the chicken.

    She and I are now much happier but I still have no real answers as to how or why it happened nor how I could go about sorting this problem out. The warm soapy water obviously did something, I just wish I had done it a lot sooner.

    Thanks for the help offered.

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