I have a 5 month old Barred Rock Roo, which I bought from TSC.

He has developed well…Just no impressive tail feathers yet!

Will he ever grow a typical roo tail?


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@humblehillsfarm My hens sometimes chase or peck him, if he mates with them without warning 😅

He is still trying to assert himself and become the leader. I can slowly tell he is gaining some respect, since some of the hens won’t chase or peck him, after he mates with them.

I also don’t see any feathers in the run or henhouse…..So I don’t think my hens are pecking feathers out….

I’ll have to take a good look at his tail though
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It's possible he's partially rumpless. It's a random mutation that occurs (very, very rarely) but they look normal as chicks because it's not full rumplessness.

I had an EE male (not an Araucana mix though) with partial. He had on occasion, one long tail feather that just draped down.

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