No. Va. - Lots of bantams available free in Nov. SOME PICS NOW!!!


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Jan 11, 2007
Northern Va. - Picture of buff cochins, RIR, and porcelain d'uccle - white silkie and "marbled" silkie (is she a partridge?) - gold sebright, white rock (?) and black tailed white Japanese

I work at a Fall Festival at a farm in Centreville, Va. Every year they bring in all sorts of animals and poultry to be on display from the end of Sept. to the beginning of Nov. and, then, they just give away the poultry. For the past two years I've posted here to find homes for the birds. Last year was NOT a good year because a lot of the chickens they got were from an auction and an illness reared it's ugly head and we had a lot of sick and/or dead chickens. It was horrible and, unfortunately, some people on BYC took home sick birds. THIS year, however, the bantams were brought in from McMurray this summer and are now healthy adult birds. NO birds were brought in from an auction and everything is going very well. We also got in another shipment of chicks the end of Sept. and they will also be available for adoption after the festival. I don't know what all they are yet but there are several frizzled cochins. The adult bantams are as follows:

1 white silkie - spoken for
1 "marbled" silkie (mixture of red, gray, brown white) - spoken for
2 buff cochins - spoken for
1 birchen cochin - spoken for
1 black tailed white Japanese - spoken for
2 white rocks (I think they're rocks!) ------------------> Doesn't anyone want these pretty ladies??
1 black Old English game - spoken for
1 Rhode Island red - spoken for
1 gold sebright - spoken for
1 silver sebright - spoken for
1 porcelain d'uccle (beautiful girl!!) - spoken for

1 light brahma
1 red laced white cornish
1 red silkie (named Conan O'Brian! hee hee)
1 Rhode Island red
1 beautiful wyandotte (not sure about color - mostly blacks and reds)
1 birchen Old English Game
1 mutt (only one not from McMurrays - looks like a barred rock)

I will try to post pictures later but, right now, just thought I'd give you a heads up and, if you are interested, pm me. MUST PICK UP BIRDS - NO SHIPPING
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Wow. I'd be interested in the buff cochins and RIR if thatpotteryguy's better half says no

I'll pm you.
Ellen - I think the "marbled" silkie is what they call calico

White Rocks - you don't think they are wyandottes? Just going by the comb, it looks like a rosecomb (could be wrong) and rocks have single combs? Maybe I'm not seeing it right though.

New rules don't allow bumping and I think you might have to do another post to get back up to the top. Also, think you are only allowed 3 posts a mos. I personally don't care for the new system,except where they split the chickens into 2 age ranges.


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