No winner, winner, chicken dinner for this coyote.


Jun 30, 2018
I first saw this coyote slowly walking away from the chicken run yesterday afternoon with a few chickens watching him through their welded wire fence. He walked to a nearby tree about 50 feet from the chickens and just laid there in the shade for about five minutes, looking here and there, but with little interest in the direction of the enclosure. I got my camera and caught him as he got up and was walking away. He walked right by the chickens as if they were not even there, not even looking once at the chickens. When I went up to the enclosure I saw that his tracks had taken him right up to the fence. He almost certainly would have touched the electric strands of wire just outside of the fence. Having accidentally zapped myself last week I know what that feels like, like getting stung by a ten pound yellow jacket. There are lots of coyotes in our area, we hear them every night and see them all the time. As for this one, he either learned that there’s no good to be had in trying for a chicken dinner, or he walked off to come up with another plan.
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Callender Girl

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Sep 18, 2018
North Central Iowa
The coyote photo is great. And, even greater, it is a coyote smart enough not to mess with your flock.

I kind of admire coyotes for their ability to adapt to their environment, and although it strikes a level of fear in my heart, I really enjoy their concerts as the various critters surrounding my acreage call to each other in the night.

Having said that, my feelings would turn on a dime if they attacked any of my birds. Or sheep. Or goats.

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